About us

When we first decided to start Bushido Travel it was because we wanted to give others the chance to share our experience of a country that was unique; a country rich in history, traditions, culture and stunning landscapes.

 Our adventures into Japan and Japanese culture started back in the mid-nineties when, with our children still at school, we first hosted Japanese students and teachers. Over the years we made many friends through mentoring and teaching before Juanita took on the role as a group coordinator, in Adelaide, a role that required extensive communication with the Japanese hosting company, Adelaide schools and host parents; a role she still does today.

 On the first trips to Japan, we became awe-inspired by what we saw. We had to return to know and see more. Since then, we have visited Japan over 30 times covering the breadth and depth of Japan visiting Hokaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa to find the best experiences we could.

 And so, Bushido Travel became a reality.

Our aim – to give the best possible Japan experience at the most cost-effective price without forfeiture of quality, service or attention to our clients.

What we do

Small Group Tours

Our fully guided small group tours (with a group size of 6-10 people) are designed to give a stress-free Japan experience and the best opportunity to see this wonderful land while immersing yourself in a culture that goes back thousands of years.

Private Tours

Our private tour packages are unique; designed and developed personally, just for you, to give you the ultimate experience of Japan. We sit down with you and listen to what you like and develop an itinerary to create your holiday of endless possibilities. No longer are you restricted to the touristy areas, or ‘dress-up’ experience; instead you can discover so much more. The choice is all yours.

Specialty Tours

We understand that many people would like to experience something a little different for their holiday. That’s why we create specialty tours for those special events. Whether you’re a photographer, car enthusiast, snow lover or just want something totally different, then look out for our specialty tours. With an amazing list of destinations, festivals, events and experiences we are sure we can cater for your taste.

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