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Japan – A country rich in history; of ancient traditions, stunning landscapes, and incredible food. A land where old meets new, tradition intertwines with modern technology and where people go above and beyond to take care of the ‘guests’ in their country.

From ancient feudal provinces, to a modern vibrant country, Japan has so much to offer. A land full of endless surprises with something for everyone and endless discoveries for you to find and see.

Experience the glistening metropolis of neon lights to volcanic hot springs, breath-taking snow-capped mountains, ancient castles and magnificent Shogun inspired gardens (to list a few). There are countless experiences to undertake and endless things and places to discover in Japan.

Imagine having a picnic under the cherry blossoms in Iwakuni, meandering around centuries old villages, visiting ancient temples dating back some 1200 years or having tea with a trainee Geisha (Maiko). In Japan, this is exactly what you can experience. For those more adventurous, there is some of the best skiing in the world, endless numbers of hiking trails and of course – climbing Mount Fuji.

For an unforgettable experience, come and discover Japan for yourself. See our Destination and package pages or build your own package on our Itinerary pages.


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