Japan Short Tours

Osaka & Kyoto 

8 Days (7 Nights)

16-24 July

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Osaka & Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan’s capitol  (794-1868) has long been considered as the cultural capital of Japan. With a diverse culture and ancient time-honoured traditions, you can immerse yourself in the rich history and culture one day and marvel at the incredible technological developments the next. It’s the only place in the world where you can see gold-leaf covered pagodas, 400-year-old traditional castles and Shinto shrines dating back to the eighth century.  

Our Osaka & Kyoto tour is designed to give you a feel for ancient Japan of old and the modern high-tech Japan of today. The tour will take you through ancient villages, temples and castles, explore different eras and traditions as well as showcasing Osaka, one of the most modern high-tech cities in Japan.

Day 1  –  Osaka begins

All Day: Depart Australia for Osaka
Evening: Arrive Osaka PM hours

On arrival at the hotel, we will check in and meet for welcome to Japan drinks.  We will discuss what you can expect from the tour and chat about the plan for the coming days.

Day 2  – Kyoto

Morning: Kinkaku-Ji
Afternoon: Yamazaki 
Evening:  Gion district

Today we travel to Kyoto, and Kinkaku-Ji (gold leaf covered pavilion) where we take a stroll through the 600-year-old gardens.  the Kiyomizudera (the water temple) built on the side of a hill without a single nail or bolt being used. Next, we take a leisurely stroll down the little shopping street of Higashiyama where you can buy souvenirs and sample different local delights. Then, its off to Yamazaki and one of the finest Japanese Whiskey Distilleries in Japan. Here you will have a guided tour of the facility before going into the tasting room for an education (and tasting) in whiskey appreciation. Later tonight, we’ll visit Gion, Kyoto’s famous Geisha district to have dinner and experience a traditional Geisha performance.

Day 3 –  Himeji

Morning: Himeji castle
Afternoon: Koko-en garden
Evening: Dotonbori 

Today we take the high-speed bullet train travelling 250km (in less than an hour) to visit the world heritage listed Himeji Castle, one of only twelve castles in Japan that has never been destroyed by war, fire or earthquake.  This stunning white castle complete with a moat is over 400 years old and looks amazing set against the red and gold autumn colours of the pristine castle grounds.  The castle is made up of over 80 buildings connected by passageways and gates and surrounded by beautiful gardens.  Once inside the castle walls we’ll wander through the passageways and up the steep steps to the roof of the 6-storey fortress to view the elaborate rooftop ornaments, believed to protect the building from fire.  After this full day out, we head back to the hotel to enjoy some free time for rest and relaxation.

Day 4 – Kyoto

Morning: Kyomizudera
Afternoon: Fushimi Inari Shrine
Evening: Free evening

First up we take a stroll around  Kyomizudera water temple built on the side of a hill (without a single nail or bolt being used)overlooking the cit of Kyoto. You can take in the architecture of traditional Japanese buildings and shops, of Higashiyama, where you can buy souvenirs and sample different local delights. From here we head over to the Fushimi Inari Shrine, known for its thousands of bright orange Tori gates that line the paths of the temple grounds.

Day 5 Nara

All day: Nara

Today we head out of town to Japan’s original capitol – Nara. Here we will be joined by a Japanese host who will show us around his town. We will visit the remarkable Todai-ji temple (the largest wooden structure in the world) with its 5-storey high bronze Buddha inside, before we take a gentle stroll through Nara park where you can hand-feed the wild deer. Then, we make our way into the city centre where you can watch a Motchi pounding demonstration before we head to an Izakaya restaurant for dinner with our host.

Day 6 –  Kyoto

Morning: Arashiyama
Afternoon: Arashiyama
Evening: Free evening

Today, we will visit the lush green and historic site of Arashiyama in all of its autumn glory. Here you can wander along the pathways of beautiful autumn foliage to the enchanting Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.  Later, take a leisurely stroll around the town’s numerous old-style shops and temples and wonder along the tree lined Hozugawa river to see the traditional Kudari boats. Tonight, we venture out for an evening stroll around Kyoto and see where old meets new with traditional gas lit streets meeting the modern neon lights of the city. 

Day 7 –  Osaka

Morning: Kaiyukan Aquarium
Afternoon: Tenjinbashi
Evening: Free evening

This morning we travel, by train, to the waterfront area of Osaka and the magnificent Kaiyukan aquarium. This 10-storey high aquarium hosts a myriad of tanks (of varying size and theme) that surround the rand central exhibition – a giant 5-story high central tank complete with Whale-sharks, Manta rays and schools of various types of fish. This aquarium will take your breath away. Later in the afternoon we will head to the Tenjinbashi shopping street (a 1.7km long undercover shopping mall) where we will visit a special Edo-period housing village museum before traversing the shopping street where you can take in the diversity of the shops and restaurants. 

Day 8 – Osaka

Morning: Free time 
Afternoon: Free time/Airport transfer
Evening: Fly to Australia

Today is our last day in Osaka. This morning and part of the afternoon is free time  for those who wish to explore on your own, revisit an area or just go shopping (the groups decision) before we head to the airport at 4:00pm for our flight home.

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