Trevor & Juanita

When we first decided to start Bushido Travel it was because we wanted to give others the chance to share our experience and discover a country, as we found, that was unique; a country rich in history, traditions, culture and stunning landscapes. ​

Our adventure into Japan started back in 1997 when we first started hosting Japanese students and teachers.

Over the years we not only continued hosting but took an active role in mentoring, teaching and coordinating Japanese students in Adelaide.

On our first trip to Japan in 2007, we became awe-inspired by what we saw. We had to return; we had to know and see more. ​

Since that first trip we have been to Japan over 20 times  visiting Hokaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu to find the best experiences we could.

And we’re still Loving it.

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